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Formerly Canada’s preeminent newspaper, the Globe’s been committing some sort of ritual suicide over the last few months.
A mind blowing string of privilege, plagiarism, cover ups and crappy fact checking/editing.
They even replaced Lynn Crosbie with someone less intelligible. I never would have guessed that possible.
Too many instances to reference. For a quick decoder ring, just google:

Privilege = Leah Mclaren + Real Estate

Plagiarism = Margaret Wente

Cover Ups = Newly Minted Globe public editor, whatshername

Garbage Fact Checking/Editing = Anything by Bruce Dowbiggin. Especially nice one today…

Dowbiggin: ‘Remember’s NBC’s Heidi NFL game in the 1960s? NBC bailed on an NFL game for a movie on Heidi and missed an epic comeback by Joe Namath and the New York Jets.’

Yeah, I ‘remember’s’, I ‘remember’s’ it well. Although my spell checker doesn’t, given it’s not a word.

Thank god the facts are right…oh oh…as ‘copyeditor’ points out in the article’s comments section:
‘The Oakland Raiders made the epic comeback in the Heidi game, scoring two TDs in final minute. Jets lost that one 43-32.’

I have no clue what the grand plan is at the G&M. I’ve never seen a company degrade their product so dramatically, so I have no point of reference.

Regardless, good luck with that paywall!



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