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More Frozen Planet…
some of the time lapse photography is so extraordinary, you’d swear it had to be the product of cgi/special effects.
I was convinced the segment with the wild phenomenon known as a brinicle had to be faked. Nope. It’s the product of 5-6 hours of time lapse photography.
Just unreal.

Brinicle @ BBC


I’ve just been watching the BBC series, Frozen Planet.
The most astounding footage from the world’s polar regions and a constant reminder of just how attuned everything that exists there is to the advance and retreat of the sea ice (except for Musk Oxen; they seem to get along fine no matter what’s happening).

Not suggesting they’ve been living in a land frozen in time, but news like this:

Unprecedented Ice Loss

that seems relatively definitive on how things are rapidly trending away from the ‘norm’ is sad indeed.


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