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Hey, while on the misguided brand topic, youch!

This will go down in the annals of ‘You Don’t Want to be Doing That’.

If you’re stumped


Going, going, gone.

I knew it was coming, but seeing Kodak enter bankruptcy protection was still a shock.

Most Kodak post mortems seem to be couched in a ‘they were dinosaurs’ narrative.
One of the fascinating things about Kodak is they have imaging patents out the wazoo and have had for decades. I was on a VIP tour of their Rochester facility, circa 1985, and it was like visiting NASA. This huge wing devoted to something none of us had ever heard of: digital imaging. It was wild.

Lack of Innovation and Why?

I think one of their main stumbling blocks was they were never seen as a credible hardware company, at least in the public eye. The consumer hard goods they made were always sort of junk-y.
The shift to digital brought ergonomics and styling way to the front and they got left behind.
Seriously, this 2010 (!) offering has a face only a mother could love:


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