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More Frozen Planet…
some of the time lapse photography is so extraordinary, you’d swear it had to be the product of cgi/special effects.
I was convinced the segment with the wild phenomenon known as a brinicle had to be faked. Nope. It’s the product of 5-6 hours of time lapse photography.
Just unreal.

Brinicle @ BBC


I’ve just been watching the BBC series, Frozen Planet.
The most astounding footage from the world’s polar regions and a constant reminder of just how attuned everything that exists there is to the advance and retreat of the sea ice (except for Musk Oxen; they seem to get along fine no matter what’s happening).

Not suggesting they’ve been living in a land frozen in time, but news like this:

Unprecedented Ice Loss

that seems relatively definitive on how things are rapidly trending away from the ‘norm’ is sad indeed.

…lots of press on this today, most blithely suggesting it is a good thing.

Por ejemplo

Not sure homogeneity is ever an overriding good thing, but you go nuts, the facebook.
The day there isn’t the ‘like’ feature we can talk.

Easy Songs for Beginners, the unique lesson stylings by David Hodge of Guitar Noise are making their way back on line.
If you’re an aspiring guitarist, check them out. He’ll have you playing something positively musical in no time.
Welcome back, David! And congrats to Paul Hackett for all the hoop jumping it has taken to hammer out an arrangement on the copyright front.

Link to announcement:

I have given up trying to spell the word rhythm. I never get it right and half the time I’m so far off, my spellchecker doesn’t even offer a suggestion.
From this day forth, Ry will serve as a stand in for the word.
Ry guitar = rhythm guitar.
I’ll sort out the Ry Cooder conundrum when I come to it.
Thank you for your time and attention.


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