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HBO is airing a movie based on Temple Grandin,
the self described ‘anthropologist on mars’.
Here’s a NYT interview with Claire Danes,
who is playing her:


Here’s one of my favourite follies. The woman’s name is Billie Dove. She went on to be a big star during the silent film era. She evidently has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

From a series of 62 images of Ziegfeld Follies Girls here:

Bryan Batt joins a trio of other greats who have gone out for a quart of milk and never come back. 😦

via Movieline.

iPad? Not so sure about that nomenclature but what the hey.
Here is the gizmo (it’s on the left):


More of me muckin’ around, trying to sort out what might look good on the page.

From a series of 62 images of Ziegfeld Follies Girls here:


Here’s a wash that mimics the pic above. Does this do anything for you?

This picture just cracks me up:

Here’s an audio file from the latest Guitar Noise* jam. It was a fairly simple blues backing track and a bunch of novices, including me, took a shot at playing one of the slots.
Your mission, should you decide to accept, is to guess which of the 3 ‘lead’ players in the clip is me:

GN ‘Blue Winter’ Jam

* Guitar Noise is one of the web’s gems. A tremendous resource for players of all ages and skills. Check it out!

My niece, Jen and her husband, Don are away on their (delayed) honeymoon.
They were married on New Year’s Eve, 2008.
Weather wise it was a pretty miserable evening, but it made for some
beautiful pictures:

Congrats, guys!

J.J. Cale’s rockin’ Harmony:

There’s an entertaining history of the ‘destruction’ here:
kamikaze luthier


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